Upendi is Love! It comes from the word “Upendo” which means love
in Swahili. At Upendi we love what we do. And what we do is
create the art that keeps you going. We do it for those who do
what they love and love what they do.

Upendi Brand is an art company that makes and sells wearable art.
We craft each and every piece with the finest raw materials and
the sharpest attention to details. That is the 25/8 culture that
we have curated and continue to grow here at Upendi.

Our collaborations with some very amazing under exposed artists
give our pieces a unique soul that is truly one of a kind.
Employing the ancient Japanese art of wabi-sabi
(perfectly imperfect),every Upendi masterpiece is truly a work
of art.

 Our Vision

The Upendi Brand was sparked by the ongoing exploitation of
people of color. Too many entities are using us to get rich and
leaving us with nothing while other deserving talents and
ventures go un-noticed and under appreciated. Upendi is part of
the new revolution of Black Owned Global. Refusing to be less
than our highest potential.

We seek to provide you with the best wearable art on the highest
quality canvass. Lead by head designer, Mantis Tobogin, Upendi
Brand’s vision is to open and employ multiple factories
throughout Africa and raise its economy to a larger part of the
global scale. All while still providing you with the best
wearable art that mud can make.

Who do we do it for?

At Upendi it’s family over everything. That’s who we do it for,
the ones that inspire us, motivate us, protect us, love us.
We rock with those who rock with us.

Most of our efforts are to educate through art and give back to
communities in need through grants and community functions.

Upendi Brand is more than just art, it’s mote than just clothing.
It’s something greater. Be part of something greater. Do what
you love, and love what you do.

Don’t stop…keep going

Who do you love?

Connect & let us know.